Plastic Paint Bucket Making Machine

Plastic Paint Bucket Making Machine

.Plastic Paint Bucket Making Machine....

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We are plastic paint bucket making injection molding  machie manufacturer in china , we are able to produce from clamping force 2000kn to 5000kn and shot weightfrom 1225g to 1600g injection molding machine for making from4Litre to 25 Litre plastic paint bucket .


1. Energy saving: saving 30% to 60% compared with ordinary machines.

2. Simple operation: parameter setting, system speed adjustment, simple digital function, operation control interface on ordinary machine.

3. High performance: high response (30ms-130ms), high stability, repeatability.

4. Fast response: energy saving, high precision, low defect and waste.

5. High precision: Correct the result to 2 decimal places.

6. Visual Lubrication System: Protective mechanical parts, no wear and tear.


1/ Screw diameter                   70mm—80mm

2/ Screw L/D ratio                   22.6—19.7

3/ Shot weight                         1225gram—1600gram

4/ Injection capacity                1346cm3—1758cm3

5/ Injection pressure                201Mpa— 154Mpa

6/ Theoretical injection rate     370g/s — 484g/s

7/ Plastic capacity                    60.4 g/s — 83.7g/s

8/ Space between tie bars         760mm×760mm

9/ Mould height                       280mm-790mm

10/Clamping force                   4800kn

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